More Stopping Power

If your vehicle makes strange noises or shudders every time you put your foot on the brake pedal, you need to make an appointment to have them inspected by our certified technicians. We even offer a special car brakes coupon in Homestead, FL to help you save money on brake repair work.

In most cases your car brakes will begin to let you know when it is time to have them inspected. They do this by squealing as the pads begin to reach the point of replacement. If you allow them to wear too far beyond this point, you are likely to hear a grinding sound. By the time your car brakes reach this point they are no longer as effective at stopping your car. This amount of wear can make your car unsafe to drive and put you, your family and those around you at risk.

Car Brakes Coupons, Homestead, FL

Our service department is staffed by trained and certified technicians with many years of experience. When you come to us with one of our car brakes coupons in Homestead, FL, our technicians will remove all four wheels and fully inspect and measure your brakes. Not only will they check your pads and shoes for wear, they will also check your brake rotors and drums for wear, damage, and out of roundness. Even if your pads or shoes are not worn, it is possible that a warped rotor or out of round brake drum can cause your brake pedal to shudder or fade.

Our car brakes coupons in South Homestead entitle you to more than just the finest car, they also entitle you to the finest genuine OEM parts available. The use of factory parts ensures that your vehicle will continue to meet the same standards it met on the day you first drove it off the lot. When the time comes for you to replace the brakes on your car, let our trained experts be the ones you turn to.